The first degree awarding university in the Americas for Arabic Literature & Arabic Islamic Studies

Learning Arabic, the first spoken language by humanity

Multi Cultural Environment

Alqarawiyyeen University is multinational multicultural and welcomes students of all nationalities, cultures, professions, and religions. Our admission focus is on the passion to learn Arabic by those high achievers who will become leaders in their fields of profession.

Build Lasting Relationships

To achieve our goals, we employ a well thought, well tested, comprehensive curriculum spanning the life of a student from childhood to adulthood. Our graduates will have strong command and ability to listen, speak and write in classical and modern Arabic. Going through similar experiences students bond together and become friends for life.

Seminars and Group Work

Seminars and study sessions are held to improve social awareness and discuss Arab World events to enhance dialogue between different viewpoints. Alqarawiyyeen University's strategic alliances with NGO organizations working in the Middle East can offer internships and a policy of maintaining a neutral atmosphere in the institution.

We Love Arabic

Arabic is the language of love, imagination, poetry and beauty. It also teaches depth, accuracy, and fluidity, while possessing these qualities. The Arabic language originates from the heart and flows on the tongue.

When I found this page I was really happy about, because I like a lot to learn languages, and Arabic is one of my favorites to learn. 


I'm always impressed by Fus-ha Arabiyya. My uncle, Ab'drashid, who passed away couple of months ago (may Allah receive him in His Infinite Rahama), always speaks in Fus-ha Arabiyya.


I heard people speaking it on the street and it caught my attention. I fell in love with this language.


Arabic is a Language That Brings Joy & Fun


Best Resources With Global Prominence are for our Students

Arabic, Language of Creativity, Poetry and Beauty