The first degree awarding university in the Americas for Arabic Literature & Arabic Islamic Studies


Learning Arabic is the key to learn Quran, Hadeeth,  poetry , and the history and culture of the Arab and Islamic world.  Alqarawiyyeen University is a university where prophetic tradition meets modernity. We seek to teach with the spirit with which the companions of the prophet and early Muslims scholars learned and practiced Islam. We seek to challenge the way Islam has been taught for the past few hundred years propelling our students to the future. We seek to learn the application of Islam in a new world. We seek to invigorate the spirit, the heart, and the mind to learn Arabic and apply the learning to books of interest. Our students will learn and apply the balanced comprehensiveness of Islam from the way they eat to the way the lead. 

Alqarawiyyeen University seeks committed students who love to learn the language and apply it into their daily learning, speaking, and practice. This requires intelligent students with excellent abilities who apply their skills to the eloquence of learning Arabic with commitment to the essential sources of the Arabic language, the Quran and authentic books of Hadeeth of the prophet.

We require all students to submit their transcripts from high school or previous colleges they attended, test scores, letters of recommendations, and an essay expressing the student's purposes, interests and commitments. Each student will be evaluated by a body of academics and staff to assess their eligibility to enter the program of interest. Finally, the student will be interviewed before final acceptance.