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TEST AREA Arabic for All

Please click link below after you read the instructions.

You must allow pop up windows on your computer in order for it to open.

This will take you to our partner Arabic For All where you will conduct a general purpose online test to find out your level in Arabic.

  1. Scroll down when you arrive to the page.
  2. After you enter your name and email, it will take you to the second page to chose the test.
  3. Make sure to chose the first test (Upper Box). If you pass this test with 80%, then you may take the second test. Tests are not too long.
  4. After you take the test, you can report your results to us to place you in the level where it most suites you and you will gain most knowledge.
  5. More detailed tests will be conducted after you join the class.
  6. Click this link:

 If link does not work, please copy it and place it into your browser.