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Dr. Yousef Al-Shehabi

Dr. Yousef Al-Shehabi, President and Founder of Alqarawiyyeen University, is passionate about reviving Islamic education through Arabic. Inspired by scholarly tradition, he believes Arabic unlocks a deeper understanding of Islam. His distinguished career reflects a commitment to knowledge, with a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies and experience as a lecturer and Imam.

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Dr. Abed Ayoub

Dr. Abed Ayoub is a lecturer at Cambridge International College, U.K., and the President/CEO of UMR with a Ph.D. in International Development. As a Certified International Professional Trainer, he's affiliated with Indiana University and holds key roles in Muslim philanthropy and nonprofit management. With a background advising USAID and certifications as an Executive Director and Master Business Coach, Dr. Ayoub brings extensive expertise to our institution.

 Dr. Ahmed Bangura

Dr. Ahmed Bangura holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and taught at the University of San Francisco for 23 years. As founder and chair of the Ihsan Foundation for West Africa, he focuses on humanitarian work and community empowerment. In retirement, Dr. Bangura dedicates time to uplifting West African communities and explores Arabic as both a tool and a means to understand the Quran.

Dr. Arshad Erashad

Dr. Arshad Ershad graduated from Kabul University. He earned a Master's from Punjab University and a Ph.D. from Cairo University. A prolific author and translator in Farsi and Arabic, he's known for works like "The Miracles Of Quran" and "Muslimeen Return to Quran." Dr. Ershad has a strong media presence and has served in leadership roles, including President of Islamic Guidance and Promulgation and Ibrahim Khalillulah Islamic Center in Fremont (IKIC).