The first degree awarding university in the Americas for Arabic Literature & Arabic Islamic Studies



Dr. Yousef Al-Shehabi

Dr. Yousef AL-Shehabi is President, founder and Senior faculty member.

We envision the birth of an institution that can help in the revival of Islamic education using the Arabic language. This is a humble attempt to walk along the path of Bukhari and Muslim and the majority of Muslim scholars who did not come from an Arabic background but learned Arabic to understand and practice their faith, Islam. Muslim scholars new that they cannot learn Islam without learning Arabic. It is a religious duty and a practical matter to excel in Arabic to taste the fruits of Islamic knowledge. 


Prior to AlQarawiyyeen: 

Chairman, Fiqh Council, MCA 2021
Lecturer, ITU, San Jose-CA 2019
Live TV Program, Iman TV, Islam and Life, California 2013
Lecturer, Emirates University, UAE 2006
Lecturer, Applied Science University, 2003
Chairman, American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice, Washington, DC 1998-2002.
Director, AQSA Information Center, California, 1988-1994.

EDUCATION (Formal):   Ph. D., Islamic Studies, Graduate Theological Foundation, 2015. Master's Degree in International Relations from San Francisco State University, 1998. Two-year study in Public relations, Journalism at San Jose State University, 1997. One year of Islamic Studies at the Institute of Humanitarian Studies, France, 1996. Master's Degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Santa Clara, U.S.A. - C.S.E.E. 1991. Bachelor of Science in electrical and electronics engineering from Sacramento State University B.S.E.E. 1983. Study Circles of Islamic Education from 1985 to 1995. 

Non-Institutional Islamic Education:

Madrasah Style Study circles 1985-1998
Madrasah Style Seminars 1985-1988
Personal visits with multiple Scholars, KSA 1999, UAE 2003-2006, Qatar 2017


lecturer, khateeb and Imam in the San Francisco, Bay area, California, USA. 


Path to World Peace, Book. (Arabic) 
Tenants of Peace in AlAnfal, Paper. (Arabic) 
Alhudaybeyah Covenant, Paper. (Arabic) 
Sources of Islamic Jurisprudence, Paper. (Arabic) 
Democratic Process in Islam, Paper. (Arabic) 
The Utilization of Weak Hadeeth, Paper? (Arabic)