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Dr. Yousef Al-Shehabi

Dr. Yousef Al-Shehabi, a visionary scholar and the founder of Alqarawiyyeen University, has dedicated his life to the revival of Islamic education through the lens of the Arabic language. Inspired by the commitment of past Muslim scholars, who, despite non-Arabic backgrounds, embraced the language to deepen their understanding of Islam, Dr. Al-Shehabi believes in the religious duty and practical necessity of excelling in Arabic to truly taste the fruits of Islamic knowledge.

Prior to establishing Alqarawiyyeen University, Dr. Al-Shehabi served in various capacities, reflecting his commitment to Islamic scholarship and community engagement. Notable roles include Chairman of the Fiqh Council at MCA in 2021, lecturer at ITU in San Jose-CA in 2019, and a live TV program host on Iman TV, exploring Islam and life in California in 2013. His international contributions include lecturer positions at Emirates University in the UAE in 2006 and Applied Science University in 2003.

With a diverse educational background, Dr. Al-Shehabi holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from the Graduate Theological Foundation (2015), a Master's degree in International Relations from San Francisco State University (1998), and a Master's degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Santa Clara (1991). His commitment to non-institutional Islamic education is evident through study circles and seminars held between 1985 and 1998, supplemented by personal visits with scholars in KSA, UAE, and Qatar.

As a dynamic figure in the Muslim community of the San Francisco Bay area, California, Dr. Al-Shehabi has served as a lecturer, khateeb, and Imam, contributing to the vibrant Islamic community. His written works, all in Arabic, encompass topics such as the path to world peace, tenants of peace in Al-Anfal, the Al-Hudaybeyah Covenant, sources of Islamic jurisprudence, democratic processes in Islam, and the utilization of weak hadith.

Driven by a passion for enriching Islamic education, Dr. Yousef Al-Shehabi stands at the forefront of Alqarawiyyeen University, leading a mission to empower individuals to connect with the essence of Islam through the study of Arabic language and Islamic studies.